A Word from our Trustees

It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when we agreed to spearhead the Nsibidi initiative. As with most things of substance, the initial ideas and convictions that led to the Nsibidi Foundation – and by proxy the Institute – were in incubation for a considerable time, waiting for a timely activation.

Like many, we recognise the need for a body committed to cultivating spaces for learning, engagement and the formulation of new ideas and research areas. However in order to set these processes into motion in Nigeria, we realised would first have to gather content and pave access routes to knowledge resources.

Over the past half century, documentation and preservation efforts in Nigeria have fallen off the radar, resulting in a situation where it can be exceedingly difficult to access reliable resources on the history and cultural evolution of Nigeria. Without a repository there is no benchmark for knowledge or basis for interrogation. Without reference points, we are forced into a habit of disjointed, tenuous commentary, left with a handicapped academia and a society generally oblivious to the significance of its own past.

Nsibidi Institute was created not just to revive public discourse and collective memory, but also to serve as a bridge linking these two critical areas of neglect. It is a hybrid of sorts – acting on one hand as a think tank and on the other an archive centre. It is also the meeting point for tackling a number of important subjects, spanning arts and culture, history and development. We are here to push the frontiers, to extend the reach and deepen the debate on discussions relating to Nigerian society – locally and globally.

We have the benefit of an ambitious team and growing network of individuals and institutions that have come on board to move us forward in our opening year. We are excited to begin this journey by welcoming all curious and discerning minds – and can only imagine the highly enriching rewards in store.

The Board of Trustees | Nsibidi Foundation

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