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Integrity – We take a strong stance on issues of quality assurance across the research produced and published within our sphere of influence. This includes care taken to avoid misleading and misinforming our stakeholders in all our engagements involving the presentation and interpretation of information. Our commitment on accountability also informs our management culture such that every effort is made to utilise resources to achieve optimal results in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Curiosity – Cultivating a critically aware, inquisitive spirit is regarded as one of our prime public responsibilities based on the belief that learning and opportunities for constructive engagement diminish when questions are not permitted. Seeing curiosity as the catalyst behind knowledge and innovation, we encourage the diversity of perspectives needed to push frontiers of thought, invention and discovery.

Diversity – Recognizing that Nigeria’s wealth comes primarily from the plurality and dynamism of its peoples and settings is critical to our understanding of the context. In our bid to establish a holistic frame of reference, we pay particular attention not just to these multiple strands of expression, but also to the intersections of their histories, forms and ideologies. The Institute seeks to actively demonstrate its respect for diversity and difference by adopting a stance of inclusivity and equitable engagement in our manner and selection of work.

Collaboration – Forging supportive networks with our stakeholders and partners is essential to foster productive output, particularly in the forms of knowledge creation, training and learning, public awareness and publication. Our outreach approach upholds discovering and strengthening synergies and engaging in dialogue across sectors and borders.


Our People

The Board

Primary proceedings of the Foundation are executed by its Board of Trustees, whose members preside over a variety of functions, notably high-level representation, supervision of subsidiary bodies and in the facilitation of partnerships with key national and international players. Though coming from various backgrounds and highly skilled in their individual careers, the Board of Trustees are enthusiastic about building a repository of knowledge linking multi-disciplinary discourses and advancing open dialogue on Nigerian history, identity, production and current affairs.

Management Team

The executive arm of the Institute is embodied in its management team, headed by the Director and comprising programme heads, research assistants and supporting staff that deal with operational affairs. Together they manage the day-to-day activities of Nsibidi Institute and maintain the public interface between project partners, interest groups and the general public.


The Team

Ore Disu  

Executive Director

Tariye Gbadegesin  


Chuka Mordi


Chijioke Dozie


Giles Omezi


Nnenna Onyewuchi


Tamilore Oni

Project Coordinator

Malaika Toyo

Project Coordinator

Our People & Values