Image: Eric Strauss

Recognising the scale and scope of research challenges facing Nigeria, the Nsibidi Institute places high value on knowledge. This priority sits at the crux of our ambition to become the primary point for reliable resources and critical thinking on issues relevant to the formation and development of contemporary Nigerian society.

Our other commitment towards developing knowledge is focused on encouraging dialogue and deliberation – a key attribute of actively engaged communities. The Institute aspires to be the place and space for the intersection of multi-disciplinary discourses; a fora for dialogue and inquiry of issues relevant to the broader Nigerian society. We hope to achieve through a series of public events and initiatives that cultivate public interest, stimulate debate and broaden readership on project, community and institutional levels.

Strategic Aims of the Institute

The Institute’s strategic aims are the five main areas in which we aim to make a real difference within the context of our work. As high-level tenets, they play a fundamental role in locating critical sites of intervention and in directing our choice of partners and involvements.

Ultimately, these five strategic aims serve as the basis for focusing our resources and energies as well as a key tool to enable us track the impact of out work.

Build a repository of knowledge capable of addressing critical gaps of information and to circumvent the loss of valuable insights and artifacts pertaining to Nigerian history, culture and development
Establish our own forum through which to encourage critical thinking and redefine local and international perspectives on Nigeria’s contemporary condition and societal transformation
Build local research capacity towards improving the quality and volume of reliable data-sources covering a broad range of relevant subjects and disciplines
Improve access to information of reliable data-sources to support an informed generation of independent researchers, institutions and active groups
Support initiatives with tangible benefits on the ground on the basis of having practical, informed impacts for the long-term improvement of our society

Our Vision