CD062055STOur publications are primarily tools to showcase the work supported by the Institute, as well as to give opportunities for freelance writers and other professionals to publish original material for vigorous analysis and wide readership. Works published will include both commissioned works and pooled submissions, featured in print and online formats. Examples include essays, opinion pieces, literature reviews and various reviews of the year’s events and research output.


Open City Lagos Book

OCL_Media_Inner-Leaf_Graffiti-SkewOpen City Lagos is a conversation enacted across Lagos and with other cities, with a focus on the day-to-day experiences, grassroots initiatives and new opportunities for development and inclusion. As a project, it was designed as an attempt to re-discover the instances and mechanisms that encourage people from diverse social, ethnic and religious backgrounds to interact and to commonly make use of limited resources with the effect of increasing their personal and collective good.

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The Hub Proposal


Following joint and independent stakeholder engagements with actors in the creative and cultural sector, in March of 2015, the Ford Foundation and the Goethe-institut commissioned Nsibidi Institute to prepare a proposal that considers the feasibility of establishing a dedicated space in Lagos, Nigeria to bring together cultural and creative production, capacity building, research and social change initiatives that will cater to the local community and the city at large. This proposal is based on studies and engagement with the potential users and partners of the space and constitutes as the first phase of work towards the realisation of this initiative.


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