An ever-growing library and archive collection sits at the heart of the Nsibidi Institute and its mandate to promote diligent record keeping of historical and unfolding processes. The collection will be comprised of published and unpublished works, rare books and artefacts, including planning documents, maps, musical records, film footage, audio compilations and photography.

The Resource Centre also doubles as a platform to showcase output across the Institute’s four programmes and research outputs.

Image: Akintunde Akinleye


Nsibidi Archives Project

Archives are at the centre of great research and a gateway to the undiscovered connections within our society. Whether it is a letter from a great-grand uncle or a photograph of a now urbanized village, each artifact is unique, triggering an outpour of nostalgia or as an invaluable resource providing evidence for all manner of research. Unfortunately, in Nigeria much of that wealth is shared only in private or hidden in long-forgotten boxes lodged on dusty bookshelves.

The Nsibidi Archives Project sets out to scan the archival landscape, building on traditional modes of transferring heritage to bring together diverse sources held in repositories across the country. Our Archives Team will work alongside proprietors, archivists, conservators and historians to locate existing collections and assess their conditions in order to make the best possible resources available to the public. Partnering with world-renowned libraries and archive institutions, we will work to cultivate world-class practices and facilities in Nigeria for the consistent care of valuable cultural artefacts.

The Resource Centre