A Woman’s World Film

While research shows that women have particular needs and uses within cities, these considerations are often insufficiently factored into urban planning and development processes. Heinrich Boll Foundation and Nsibidi Institute, under the Open City Lagos project, put together A Woman's World, a two-part event series consisting of a workshop and discussions to explore and promote gender responsiveness… Continue reading>

The City that Prays: How Religious Practices Affect the City

In recent years, religion has noticeably morphed and expanded in tandem with rapid urbanisation in developing cities. The prevalence and pervasiveness of various expressions of worship culture is shaping the urban experience and informing urban habits. In direct correlation to this, religious organisations are wielding more and more political, economic, and socio-cultural influence. This increasing… Continue reading>

A Woman’s World: Building an Equitable City

Rising concerns about the gaps in planning consideration for women and girls in cities gave rise to A Woman's World event series. The series brought together practitioners and stakeholders in a series of discussions and workshops to answer questions, tackle issues and open up the dialogue for gendered responses in programming and planning solutions A… Continue reading>

Open City Lagos, Launch Event Series

When the city of Lagos comes up in conversation, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Is it the ubiquitous black and yellow minibus taxis, or the throaty calls of their passenger-seeking conductors? Is it the teeming markets that melt into each other in dense commercial zones such as Lagos Island, where street… Continue reading>

Remembering Nigeria’s ‘Burma Boys’

15,000 African soldiers died fighting for the British in WWII. Olly Owen shares the wider history related to a film he made with the help of friends that documents the memories of a few Nigerian veterans from the 81st and 82nd Division Royal West African Frontier Force. Their stories – along with the footage from… Continue reading>

The Big Picture: An Interview with Business Day

Ore Disu is the founding director at the Nsibidi Institute. Her work, for the last two years, has been focused on equipping young Nigerians with a deep understanding of their history and roles in society. In this interview, she shares her vision for the organisation with Rita Ohai of Business Day Newspaper, Nigeria. Rita Ohai:… Continue reading>

Learning from Lagos: A City of New Meaning

From everyday encounters to planning considerations, Kingsley Iweka shares his reflections on the city of Lagos drawing from recent conversations at the Heinrich Boll and Nsibidi Institute’s Open City Lagos Brainstorming Brunch held in April 2015. As one of the project’s shortlisted candidates, he speaks within his personal capacity as a writer coming to terms… Continue reading>