Music (That) Matters: Introduction

To commemorate the 2017 World Music Day, Goethe-Institut Nigeria organised a Music Documentary Weekend (June 9 and 10), programming three documentary films about music as an unrelenting force in the face of oppression. As a component to the film programme, the Institut requested articles from renowned journalists and music industry professionals with regard to the… Continue reading>

Mr Raoul K: Between Here and There

Asylum seeker, German carpenter, soccer player – Raoul Konan, born in Côte d’Ivoire, has already had several reincarnations. Residing in the northern parts of Germany, under his alias Mr Raoul K he nowadays produces a unique style of house music, which is as much a hybrid as his personal story. The old lady from Africa… Continue reading>

“Sound is Powerful and Unending…”

Music became my most constant companion when at 6 I found myself often home alone after school. My father had passed away roughly two years earlier, and my two older brothers were living with his mother who felt my mother at 32 needed some space and time to get her life together. I was the… Continue reading>

Music & Message

“One Thing About Music/When It Hits/You Feel No Pain!”- Bob Marley (Jamaica) “Uncle Sam Ain’t No Woman/But He Sure Can Take Your Man!” - Denny Hall (USA) “I Shot The Sherriff/But I Didn’t Shoot The Deputy!” – Bob Marley “F—k tha Police!” – N.W.A (USA) In a concerted effort to sell millions of records and… Continue reading>