Between the Lines: A Review of Phillip’s ‘Another Man’s War’

Stories of African war experiences during WWII are few and little known. Former BBC correspondent to Africa, Barnaby Phillips helps narrow that gap with his book, Another Man’s War, the personal history of Isaac Fadoyebo, a Nigerian-born Burmese War veteran. Noo Saro Wiwa’s persuasive review suggests it is at once a sensitive exploration of the… Continue reading>

Notable Nigerians: Stella Thomas

Whether you are a feminist or just love to see a stereotype challenged, you’ll definitely warm up to Stella Thomas (later Marke), who Ed Keazor tells us, was as accomplished as she was bold and intelligent. Meet the woman: the first female lawyer in West Africa and first female magistrate to sit on the bench… Continue reading>

His Story is our History

“Perhaps one reason why there is so much violence, aggression and instability in our day to day life is that we have so little consciousness of a time perspective. We act and react as if there is only today, no yesterday, no tomorrow. We seem to care little about the past, we have no enduring… Continue reading>