‘It is not easy!’ Managing Paid Domestic Work and Unpaid Care Work in Lagos

“It is not easy – being poor, being a woman and being a mother”, lamented Rita*, a 45-year-old live-in nanny from Cross Rivers State with three children. Rita was explaining the challenges of working and looking after her own children simultaneously. Speaking with Rita, who feels all she does is “work, work, work”, reveals how… Continue reading>

Tracking Captain Savage: The Forgotten Pioneer of African Military History

Sparked by a single clue from WWII Burma, Ed Keazor recounts the hurdles and dead-ends in his quest to uncover the identity of a mysterious military doctor amidst reservations regarding name, ethnicity and the discrepancies between the history books and official records. Earlier in November I was approached to moderate the launch of former BBC… Continue reading>

Why Nsibidi?

‘Nsibidi’ refers to an ancient ideographic script dating back over 1500 years, indigenous to Eastern Nigeria. As a pre-colonial cultural artefact, Nsibidi is a window into the authentic and independent ideas of ancient Nigerian communities and their surviving cultures. As a script, Nsibidi became a channel to communicate the human condition, cumulatively serving to document the… Continue reading>