Over the next five years (2014-2018) the research and funding capacities of the Institute will be centred on Personal Histories, Collective Memory; Contemporary Design & Innovation; Culture & Communication; and Society, Space & the Built Environment.


Personal Histories, Collective MemoryCollective Memory

Bringing to the fore the role of the individual in shaping history and the relevance of his/her experiences to the collective memory.

Contemporary Design & InnovationFuture & Imaginaries

Exploring the relationship between Nigeria’s visual and material culture and the people, processes and systems that sustain it.

Culture & CommunicationContemporary Culture & Society

Promoting communication technologies as a means to convey subjects and dynamics of cultural relevance to Nigerians

Space, Society & the Built EnvironmentSociety & Space

Uncovering Nigeria’s formative stories and tracing transformations of the landscape where Nigerian life is staged