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Contemporary culture is constantly changing, with mass media, globalization and accelerated technological advances providing both the material and vessel for syncretic reactions. Their subtle and profound influence can be seen in evolving meanings and notions of class,  ethnicity and nationality, of sexuality and religious expression, that in turn shape our relationships, forge aspects of our identity, and leave an imprint on the very fabric of society. Such changes affect our way of life and require us to continuously react and adapt to local and global trends.

The central aim of this programme is to contribute to understanding how contemporary life has and is being shaped in Nigeria. This is done by creating opportunities for the Nigerian public to consider how the cultures and traditions we now accept as ‘status quo’ were formed over the course of history and cultural evolution, and filtered through our informal and formal knowledge systems. It also considers how the very present issue of gaps in indigenous cultural knowledge in contemporary Nigerian society may be addressed, and the possible effects of increasing influences of global trends in the face of digital expansion.

Contemporary Culture & Society explores the multiple factors which are constantly shaping our society such as:

Building the discourse on the defining features of our society today, particularly the tensions between our traditions and our quest for modernity, but also looking at emergent forms such as underground and alternative cultures against more popular cultures

Tracing the origins and rise to prominence of key cultural products such as the foods, language, dress, hair, film, music that Nigerians readily identify with and that are fundamental to our contemporary culture

Spotting and exploring changing cultural trends in how we live, interact, consume, celebrate etc, and the forces of change behind them (this is where we can talk about the economy, health, youth/urban culture and the generational gap, etc)



Image: Ore Disu


Nsibidi Film Hub

Nsibidi Film Hub is the Institute’s local film society bringing an engaging array of vintage and contemporary films to the big-screen. The Film Hub will be a platform for the exhibition and engagement with Nigerian cinema vis-à-vis other productions from the across the continent and world that resonate with the Nigerian audience. Newly launched this year, the Film Hub will connect diverse audiences with regular public screenings and ignite conversations with vibrant topical events.

Central to the initiative is the imperative to encourage innovative, multi-faceted film programming in context with few alternatives to the mainstream. As part of the ‘Culture and Communication’ programme, it will incorporate initiatives that promote alternative content and foster local media development through networks and activities involving filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors.

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Contemporary Culture & Society